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The Other Side of Red Bundle

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book 1:
Her magic was his obsession. Her loyalty was his requirement. And her betrayal became his unraveling…
Hell bound, he can’t deny the beast inside any longer, and he won’t, not even for her…


Book 1, The Seer

Condemned by day to the dark side of red, a lonely, magically talented, and horribly breathtaking vampire spends his nights slipping over the veil. There, he revels in terrorizing young adults to their deaths. But for one girl, who’s melted his heart: Emily Hunts.

But when the world threatens to take her away, when he learns of her betrayal, his mask is unveiled, and he must take her to the other side of red…

Book 2, The Angel

It wasn’t meant to end this way. He wasn’t supposed to end up here. Now he’s a monster. And he’s alone. Two things keep him going: that the first prince of hell somehow survived a stake to the chest. Gabriel knows it, and he’s going to finish the job if it’s the last thing he does in this place.

And two: Emily. The girl he’d spent his life protecting from beasts like him. It doesn’t matter that he’s loved the witch since he was six. It doesn’t matter that he loves her still. She’s the reason he’s stuck here. It makes his eyes burn red and his fangs grow in. He can taste her blood in the air. He wants it. He needs it. He knows exactly where to get it. And he’s going to beat Lucian to it…

A Readers Favorite 5-Star Novel

“One of the best must read fantasy books of the year, this paranormal urban fantasy had me up until three in the morning…” -Tony Robertson, Editor, Ellmaxx Publishing

“Curtis uses the concept of the Red, a veil between the physical and spiritual planes, to bring a tense, almost frightening atmosphere to The Seer…. It is magnificent.” -Caitlin Lyle Farley, Readers Favorite

“…an epic magical adventure into darkness…plot-wise, it reminded me of The Phantom of the Opera…A.R. Curtis crafts a lush narrative that weaves in a strong and convincing lore of magical powers, as well as a mythology of darkness and ‘the other side’ that was very exciting to read about. ” -K.C. Finn, Readers Favorite

“The Seer is a very magical and interesting trip through a wonderful world of fantasy that intertwines all the mystical and mythological beings such as fairies, vampires, witches, wizards and demons…Curtis has taken the ideas hiding in legend, myth and fantasy and laced them together in a story line that continuously unfolds to something new. From fairies to mermaids and talking trees.” -Amy Raines, Readers Favorite

“…mythical beings, spirits and shadows, creatures…legends and fears. Secrets, fear, truth, revelation, and magic weave an enchantment over the reader to keep them turning page after page…” – J.J. Simmill, Readers Favorite

“Harry Potter -esque air of magic…” – Caitlin Lyle Farley, Readers Favorite

“…a fascinating alternate universe with well imagined characters…” -Davida De La Harpe

“I’m really excited about the whole thing…it strongly reminds me of Phantom of the Opera… The magical world is fascinating and interesting, the Red Veil is a good twist and works really well both as a device and as a source of wonder and tension, and the characters are all wonderful players. [There are] so many mysteries in this story that one wouldn’t even begin to know where to start untangling them…as a whole, it’s a good start to the series…a really evocative piece of fiction.” – P. Bunke, Editor

“Wow what an amazing read!! Love the way the author pulled me into the story. Definitely worth the time to read!!!” -Melinda Lois

“Loved this book so much. I couldn’t put it down. I would recommend it to anyone who loves a great read.” -Amy Dalton

“I loved this book! … all the way to the end, riveted my attention. I didn’t want to put the book down.” -J. Russell

“Loved The Seer can’t wait to read book two.” – S. Neal

“Loved it…could not put it down.” – Dianne Lawson, Author and Editor

What readers and editors are saying about book 2:

“Another gripping paranormal fantasy from AR Curtis… Held me captive until late into the night..” – Tony Robertson, Editor, Ellmaxx Publishing

This Urban Fantasy Paranormal Romance is Coming soon to print and Audible

See what readers and editors are saying…

“I found myself drawn right in and couldnt put it down!” – Amber K.

“A new series that is well written and exciting to have read.” – Linda Wilson

“The plot reminded me of Beauty and the Beast, but with a surprising twist… A coming of age vampire story full of witchcraft and sorcery and paranormal romance, The Angel picks up where The Seer left off and won’t let us go until it’s done with us. It’s gripping, thrilling, and heart-wrenching. Don’t read it unless you’re prepared to drop everything else.” -Tricia Reins, Editor

“This intricate tale with its many twists, action, danger and suspense will pull you in and have you wanting more.” – AC (Amazon Reader)

“…extremely difficult to put down when other important things, like sleep, needed done. This is a must read book!” – KayBee

“This book continued to draw me in and was impossible to put down.” – Laura

“One of this year’s must read fantasy books.” Brook Cooper, Content Editor

“The underlying concept of another universe that exists in the same space as the normal one is not new, but this book develops and expands it, complete with a believable population of witches, vampires, fae and human.” – Davida De La Harpe

“This book was every bit as good as the first book of the series! Kept me reading with total interest to the very end and now I’m impatiently waiting for book three.” – S. Miller