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It wasn’t meant to end this way. He wasn’t supposed to end up here. Now he’s a monster. And he’s alone. Two things keep him going: that the first prince of hell somehow survived a stake to the chest. Gabriel knows it, and he’s going to finish the job if it’s the last thing he does in this place.

And two: Emily. The girl he’d spent his life protecting from beasts like him. It doesn’t matter that he’s loved the witch since he was six. It doesn’t matter that he loves her still. She’s the reason he’s stuck here. It makes his eyes burn red and his fangs grow in. He can taste her blood in the air. He wants it. He needs it. He knows exactly where to get it. And he’s going to beat Lucian to it… .

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What readers and editors are saying…

Another gripping paranormal fantasy from AR Curtis… Held me captive until late into the night..” -Anthony Robertson, Editor, Ellmaxx Publishing

“I found myself drawn right in and couldnt put it down!” – Amber K.

“The plot reminded me of Beauty and the Beast, but with a surprising twist… A coming of age vampire story full of witchcraft and sorcery and paranormal romance, The Angel picks up where The Seer left off and won’t let us go until it’s done with us. It’s gripping, thrilling, and heart-wrenching. Don’t read it unless you’re prepared to drop everything else.” -Tricia Reins, Editor

“This intricate tale with its many twists, action, danger and suspense will pull you in and have you wanting more.” – AC (Amazon Reader)

“…extremely difficult to put down when other important things, like sleep, needed done. This is a must read book!” – KayBee

“This book continued to draw me in and was impossible to put down.” – Laura

“One of this year’s must read fantasy books.” Brook Cooper, Content Editor

“The underlying concept of another universe that exists in the same space as the normal one is not new, but this book develops and expands it, complete with a believable population of witches, vampires, fae and human.” – Davida De La Harpe

“This book was every bit as good as the first book of the series! Kept me reading with total interest to the very end and now I’m impatiently waiting for book three.” – S. Miller

“If you enjoy the dreams and nightmares of Neil Gaiman…or the fantasy worlds of JK Rowling, you might find yourself unable to escape the other side of red…”