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Guess Who’s Coming to Audible!

It’s time to get on the Audible bandwagon

If you’ve been looking for the best high fantasy audiobooks…

I’m happy to announce: The Seer is now in production! Very soon, you’ll be able to listen to it on audible.

Lemme tell you…It was a long haul. And the reason for that is because I did something really stupid. 

Do you ever look at a mountain and think, hey I can climb that… even though you’ve never done it before, you’re not in any shape to do so, and you have no training?

Well, I might have done that a time or two. I tried recording the audiobook myself. Why? Because I love reading my own story, of course! And if Neil Gaiman can do it… how hard could it be? 

Well, we quickly realized that I am not Neil Gaiman. Or even a voice actor. And I sucked. 

So, I decided to stick to writing…and let a professional read the story…

Someone with talent in that arena of storytelling. Someone who doesn’t just narrate, but performs the story. Who “gets” the characters and paces it just right…

So, we auditioned a lot – and I mean A LOT – of skilled and talented voice actors to make sure we brought you the best quality performance. 

It was a very tough decision.

But, finally, we singled out one above the rest. Even though he was competing with actors with more experience and credits, as well as those with much less experience, he just nailed the audition in every aspect. Don’t worry, we looked at his other work, too. 🙂

He was classically trained as a broadway actor, and has twenty years of experience acting. He knows how to tell a story… I think you’ll like this guy…

His name is Price Waldman. And he has a nice list of audiobook credits, which you can rummage through here.

I have no doubt he’ll make this one of the best high fantasy audiobooks around.

Anyway, the audiobook is scheduled to be available near the end of March. I don’t have an exact date. Look for my email. We just might be giving away free Audible credits to a few lucky winners.

Okay, we will be doing a giveaway… Be sure you’re in the reader group and look for my email.

If you’re new to The Other Side of Red, see what The Seer is all about.