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Now in Print, and Updates…

I’m excited to announce The Seer is now in print! You can find it on Amazon.


In other news, The Seer has been on Kindle Unlimited for almost three months. The final day will be June 16th, so if you’re on KU and you were on the fence about downloading it before, you might want to do it now

The good news is that after the 16th, the ebook will once again be available on Barnes & Noble, Apple, and other online stores, where it will remain until the end of its days. 

If you’ve read The Seer, you might like to know what’s going on with book 2. I am currently on the first of the rewrites. I just received a cover from the  artist today. We’ll do a cover reveal for you soon so you can see it. Meantime, you can get started early: get the prologue here (free). (If you think you’ve read the prologue, you haven’t. Trust me.)

I’ve got to get back to writing if I’m to have this book to you anytime soon.  

See you soon! 

PS: Your review helps me a lot. if you read The Seer, please share your review with me.  🙂


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