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The Angel Release Date and Other News

Book 2 Release Date is Here!

We finally have a Book 2 release date–or thereabouts. We have a release month at least. Unless–knock on wood–something goes horribly wrong during the last of the line edits, proofreading, or formatting, Book 2, The Angel, will be published in January.

If I can get it to you sooner, I will. 🙂 It’s possible. Keep an eye out for my email.

Have You Read the Prologue Yet?

Get it here–but be warned! If you haven’t read Book 1, The Seer, the entire prologue to Book 2 is one big fat spoiler.

Keep in mind, I’m doing this all myself, and I’m learning as I go, mostly through mistakes, and often through others’ experiences. I appreciate your patience with me as I figure this out. 🙂

On To Other News…

How do you like listening to your favorite reads? Personally, it’s my favorite way to get in more reading time. We can’t all just sit around and read all day, right? (Ah, but wouldn’t that be nice…what stories would you devour if you could do it all day long?) I listen to books every chance I get, which is usually in the car, on the treadmill, or in front of the kitchen sink. So, here’s the news:

Book 1, The Seer, has just gone into production for audible! This will take a while, and I don’t have an estimated date yet, but it is in the works so you can expect it sometime in the future. And, as I understand it, I can give away a certain number of free credits…watch for my emails.

Speaking of The Seer…

The kindle eBook is currently available for .99 on Amazon for the next few days only. Normally, it goes for 2.99, so grab it now if you haven’t already. It’s not this price anywhere else. By the way, it hit the best-seller list this weekend – #19!



Remember my promise of Free Books for Life? There are a few slots left, so hurry and secures yours now before I have to close it for good. I’ll see you on the team! 😀

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