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What if We Could Do This? It Could Work…

for the Coronavirus Lockdown

We’re all adjusting to this coronavirus lockdown. Many of us are struggling – either with finances, or health, or seeing the suffering.

Whatever your situation, the truth is, it doesn’t have to be a struggle.

What if we could change the experience we’re having right now? What if it didn’t matter what happened to us, we could still be happy and fulfilled? What if we didn’t need the outside world to thrive?

I don’t know if you know who Tony Robbins is, but he’s someone I’ve followed for years. I’m not affiliated with him in any way other than I’ve benefited from his teachings. He says two things determine your quality of life:

1 Your emotional state
2 The meaning you apply to everything that happens to you

I’d just like to address #2 because I feel, if you can master this, it’s a lot easier to get a handle on your state. At least, for me it is.

What I mean by state is your emotional state. Which can often come from how you perceive things. If, for example, you hate being told what to do, or being confined to your home, you might perceive this lockdown as a prison or just another way the world is against you.

What’s that perception likely to do to your emotional state? How are you likely to feel, if you believe you’re in a prison? Probably angry, maybe hopeless. Both fear-based. And how do you behave in those emotions?

So, let’s talk about meaning – the meaning you apply to each situation that comes to you.

For instance, what if we choose to perceive this lockdown as an opportunity to sit at home and grow and reflect on who we are and who we want to be? An opportunity to tell our loved ones how important they are, spend some much-needed time with our immediate family.

Or what if it’s an opportunity to dive into those things you’ve always wanted to do – play the piano, write a book, learn yoga, build furniture, start a YouTube channel, whatever it is.

Taking it a step further, what if we choose what meaning to apply to those in our government leadership? What if we try to understand their point of view, and choose to see that their true intention might be to help those in need. I mean, instead of complaining of their shortcomings, or what they did wrong.

When you complain about other people, whether it’s government officials or coworkers or friends and family, you’re only affecting your state, not theirs. In other words, you’re only hurting yourself. No one else suffers by your complaints. But you do suffer, whether you’re conscious of your suffering or not.

The best part about the things that happen, is that we have the choice to decide what it means. That is your free will.

Which means you can choose to find the gift in your situation. Perception is powerful. It’s a superpower. I believe this so much that the hero in my book has this as her superpower.

An amazing thing happens when you ask yourself, what is the gift in this? Your mind is wired to go looking for whatever you focus your attention on. And so, you see more of it.

I’m not saying what you’re going through isn’t challenging, or shouldn’t be taken seriously, but choosing our focus helps us better handle it, or find the right solution. And it sets the example for those who are still stuck in fear. It gives them a light.

If you choose to find the gift in your situation, or what you’re seeing in the world, your mind will automatically and unconsciously seek it out. And then, one way or another, your gift will show up. It was already there, of course. But now you will see it.

For me, when I’m landed with an unfavorable situation, the two questions I ask myself are: What is the gift in this? and What do I want? Because I know my mind will never stop until I find the answer. I will be able to see the opportunity, and make a good choice that benefits me and others.

Ultimately, our quality of life is determined by the questions we ask ourselves. In other words, the questions we ask ourselves impacts our state and meaning.

Our mind answers every question we ask it, no exception. We feel what we focus on. And our behavior is based on how we feel. It makes sense, then, doesn’t it, to choose what to focus on? We can do this by asking better questions.

For example, if you’re always asking yourself, whether conscious or not, what’s wrong with me?, your mind will find all the things you do, or have done, to come to the conclusion that something is wrong with you. You’ll sit in guilt or shame or whatever emotion that line of thinking conjures for you. And because of that, you’ll produce more and more reasons to feel those lower emotions.

Consequently, you will behave in ways that don’t reflect who you really are.

But, if you decided to ask yourself a different question, one like, What am I doing right, right now? Or How can I add more value to people’s lives? Or How can I appreciate even more of the love and guidance of the universe/God/etc? 

Do you have better questions? Be brave and share in the comments below. Chances are, someone could use one of your questions. And I’ll read every one of them.

If you’re into fantasy, you might be able to see the power of perception in The Seer. It’s both the hero’s strength and the cause of her downfall. If you read it, email me and tell me if you can see it, or what you do see, if not that. Perhaps you see the role fear plays within us all.

Hope this helps you adjust to this new and strange lifestyle, and find the gift in whatever challenging situation you’re faced with. Remember to comment below. What will be your go-to questions?




  1. Sophie says:

    What can I be grateful for right now?

    1. ARCurtis says:

      Excellent question, Sophie. I love this question!

  2. Jake says:

    Loved the idea of looking for the gift. My question is “how can I use this time to improve myself?”

    1. ARCurtis says:

      Great question, Jake. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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