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Why I Stand by JK Rowling in Defense of Maya Forstater

In defense of Maya Forstater, the woman who lost her job over transgender tweets and then lost her case because her opinions were deemed “absolutist”, JK Rowling tweeted the following:

Immediately, her fans divided, many responding in anger, and with the mindset of a sith lord: “if you’re not with me, you’re against me.” Or, more specifically, “If you defend a woman who believes in biology, then you’re against the entire transgender community.” In other words, never mind that the woman has a right to her beliefs. Never mind that Maya Forstater’s own tweets were considered absolutist. But, because she doesn’t believe like us, she shouldn’t be allowed to voice her opinions.

Isn’t this also absolutist thinking? Yes, yes it is…

It’s the kind of thinking that makes up some of the best villains in fiction. Not heroes, but villains. The bad guys who lose in the end.

It’s the same thing Maya was accused of in her so-called hate speech. The difference is, the transgender response is coming from anger.

How do I know? Besides that they ignored all the facts – facts like, the other tweets that JK Rowlings liked and shared, tweets supporting transgender, for example. When you filter everything through anger and hate, you miss reality. You make assumptions. And you make an ass out of yourself.

I’m Not Going to Address Transgender Arguments Here…

Something happens when you open your up to seeing from another’s point of view – I mean really open up, not just claim to be open-minded because you’ve adopted what’s popular, or what you think is right, as according to your own values.

Anger and open-minded do not go together. You can disagree without indulging in anger, but it requires understanding and compassion, something I have yet to see in the responses from the transgender community.

Unfounded assumptions and hypocrisy – that’s the general response.

What did JK Rowling really say?

I could be just as wrong as all the angry people, but it seems to me she was defending a woman who was forced out of work because she believed in science, and voiced her belief online.

I don’t see anything wrong with this. Does it seem right for one community to shut out all beliefs that oppose their own? Does it seem reasonable to expect others to automatically agree with you simply because you’ve taken a stance on the topic?

This post will probably get buried because people don’t like to hear the truth. They only like to validate what they believe. And that’s okay. I’m speaking my truth now. Which is that I don’t need people to agree with me to be able to accept them as they are.

It’s okay if you don’t agree with me. You don’t have to. You also don’t have to read my books. And it’s no loss to me. I only allow people in my life who can love me no matter what I believe. Peace.

PS: I love JK Rowling for all she’s gone through and contributed to the world. For who she is. And for speaking her truth with the same courage Harry Potter would.